Vintage Luminaries

In 697, at the Synod of Birr, Cáin Adomnáin also called the “Geneva Accords” of the ancient
Irish or Lex Innocentium (Law of Innocents) was one of the first-ever laws addressing
human rights issues, particularly the protection of women and children.

The projections by Brendon Deacy and David Bickley, commissioned for St Brendan’s Old
Church, address this Heritage within a broader, contemporary landscape.

david bickley noumenon.PNG

David Bickley - Noumenon

David Bickley has been inspired by the Aisling Dream Vision to weave a contemporary immersive diorama. Manipulated with his trademark atmospheric digital work and augmented by an immersive ambient soundtracks and sound design this   takes the form of vaporous spirits intertwining and flowing around the building in a sequence that creates a narrative of earthbound people interacting with ethereal beings for the evolution of mankind

Brendon Deacy ‘Cáin Adomnáin’.jpg

Brendon Deacy - Cáin Adomnáin

Brendon’s work uses projections of monochrome videos of women of all ages reciting selected lines from the transcript of Cáin Adomnáin who appear within the windows of the building. The details from the Law of Innocents are conveyed in an easy to understand visual and aural language.

Juxtaposed with these crisp and monochrome ‘real-time’ moving images the contrasting the surface of the stone wall show slow transitions of contemporary imagery created in paint and print and inspired by the human effects of culture, history and politics.


Finn Nichol - Wolf Trap Mountain

Finn has created a richly layered  visual and audio narrative that  weaves a response to the current pandemic into a reimagined  mythology of the Midlands and the  tale of the last wolf in Offaly

Finn is a final year student at LSAD and Birr local, having attended Oxmantown National School and St Brendan’s Community School, where he was awarded the Joanne Foley Award for the Arts.

His passion for creativity was nurtured through the Youth Arts provisions of Birr –, Legitimate Bodies Dance Company, Offline Film Festival and the  Birr School of Rock, from which he made lasting connections with other creative young people who contributed to the sound-track and filming involved in the piece.

Offline Film Festival presents immersive video mapped illuminations onto heritage buildings in Birr, bringing heritage to life with a modern twist.