Buddha Lounge by Antoinette Larkin Presents

Yoga Schedule during Birr Vintage Week

Yoga at The Domes - Located within the stunning grounds of the walled garden at Birr Castle Gardens.

Friday 13th August - 11am.

Be prepared to find ample time to relax and discover a deep and profound learning of yoga as a way of life.

Booking via BuddhaLounge.ie SOLD OUT!


Family Yoga at Buddha Lounge

Monday 16th August 5pm


Kids Costume & Dress Up Optional

Discover A New & Fun Way Of Connecting As Unit & Family

Lots Of Laughs & Games While Learning Ways To Connect & Exercise


Booking via https://buddhalounge.ie/yoga-mindfulness/

Candlelit Meditation at Buddha Lounge

Monday 16th August 8pm

Join me for a warm &relaxing rejuvenation

Reconnect with your inner self and recharge.


Booking via https://buddhalounge.ie/yoga-mindfulness/

Warm BUTI Yoga at Buddha Lounge

Tuesday 17th August 10am

BUTI brings high intensity to yoga

With this Active & Empowering HIT yoga class you will leave feeling energised & liberated.

Our State Of The Art Infrared Heated Studio adds to the burn while soothing the muscles while you work out yoga style.

Booking via https://buddhalounge.ie/yoga-mindfulness/

Hot Yoga at Buddha Lounge

Tuesday 17th August 6.30pm

Room Temp 35-38 degrees

This is an amazing experience to move and release your body

Our Hot Yoga studio is one of the best in the Midlands

Infrared Heat which targets the body helps us create an excellent cardio class that burns up to 1000 calories per session!

Accompanied by all the obvious & amazing benefits of yoga.

-breathing technique



-zen & relaxation


Booking via https://buddhalounge.ie/yoga-mindfulness/


Vintage Week Ladies Day Brunch at Buddha Lounge

Wednesday 18th August 11am-2pm


Rest, Restore, Rejuvenate


A special opportunity for the ladies to reconnect.

Our day will begin with a seaweed & herb foot bath in the midst of a short meditation to settle the body & mind.

You will enjoy a cold press juice from our unique house menu, organic herbal teas and light organic refreshments.


Followed by an introduction to journaling.

How to include self care into a regular daily practice.

We finish our day with a restorative yin yoga practice.

5 simple poses to incorporate into your daily or weekly rituals


Booking via https://buddhalounge.ie/yoga-mindfulness/


Chair Yoga at Buddha Lounge

Friday 20th August 10am


The perfect class for someone looking to dip their toes into yoga.

Suited to those with less mobility, injury rehabilitation & those who like to approach things in a relaxed manner and take it easy.


Booking via https://buddhalounge.ie/yoga-mindfulness/