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We want your images!



See your drawing projected to a huge scale as part of our special community project!

Open to all ages. 

We want you to think about the lovely River Camcor and do a drawing, painting or digital file of what lives in the river, swims along it or what you might see beside the river. Use your imagination too!

Under the water….fish, water plants, tadpoles, water bugs

On the water…. Ducks, swans, boats

Over the water….. dragon flies, may flies, kingfisher, heron

Beside the river… frogs, flowers, trees, buildings, people, bridges.

We will project the finished piece onto the Birr Technology Centre for everyone to see after the Fireworks on Thursday 8th August.

Upload a good photo of your image


or your digital file below by June 28th.

Some helpful tips

  • Use a white sheet of paper and leave the background blank.

  • Bright colours work best.

  • Use markers, oil pastels or paint, collage or you can work digitally.

  • Sketchbook is a very easy free android and apple app that you can use on a phone and draw with your finger. You can record your drawing being made with the timelapse function and send in a little video. 

  • For iPhones and tablets, Procreate is a great app.

  • Videos should not be more than 10 seconds. More info here


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