Birr Vintage Week is delighted to announce an all new parade for vintage Sunday that aims to excite and engage the community of Birr and beyond. This new parade aims to reinvent the traditional idea of Birr vintage week and bring a whole new style of engagement from people who know and love Vintage weekend and its parade. The Birr Vintage Week Committee are proud to announce that the new parade will be called…


The Birr Vintage Week Committee asked the people of Birr through an online survey how they felt about some of the traditional aspects of the festival. Most responses that the committee received was that people felt Birr Vintage week was more of the ‘same old, same old’ every year. In response to this, Birr Vintage Week’s committee have decided to shake up the festival programme and breathe a breath of fresh air into its lungs. 


• A People’s Parade: One of the main problems people seemed to have with The Vintage Sunday parade was that it was the same parade year in, year out. This year the committee have decided that instead of having the parade move around in a circuit, the exhibitors within the parade would be stationed at different points around the town. This static parade would see the people of Birr moving from station to station at their own pace and watching performances from members of the community, circus acts, bands and more. The parade will kick off from 2-5pm and aim to see more engagement from the general public, as they will not be standing in one spot for the duration of the event and can move along at their own pace.

• A Car show on Green Street and Ross’ Row: Everyone loves the Vintage cars exhibited in the parade each year. However, one of the complaints that the Birr Vintage Week received was that the parade does not move fast enough, and these cars often were left running, causing the engines to overheat. Therefore, the committee have decided to have a car show on Green Street and Ross’ Row where the vintage cars are parked and are stationary for people to admire. The public will have opportunities to take pictures beside the cars and engage with the owners. They will with also have an opportunity to learn more about the cars and their history. 

• A wide range of exciting acts and performances: Stationed at different points and stages around the town circuit will be different acts such as circus performers, artists, bands, community groups and much more.  A detailed programme of times and acts will be announced closer to the festival, and the public will have the opportunity to see all the acts as they will be scheduled at different intervals throughout the day.

• Food Market: One of the most memorable parts of Vintage Sunday is the food market, that is usually stationed in Green Street. This year however, the market will be placed in the square outside Cumberland house to accommodate our brand-new car show. The same great tastes of Vintage Sunday, but just in a new spot!

For more information and updates keep an eye out on our website




New plans for Vintage Sunday will be revealed at our next monthly meeting.
Monday 2nd March, 8pm, Doolys Hotel Birr.
We are super excited!

Our 2020 Vintage Parade will take part on Sunday the 2nd of August 2020.

Come join us on the streets of Birr for this magical spectacle.

If you would like to participate in the year's parade, please get in touch with our parade coordinator Mary Ryan 089 4362420 or email

We're looking for vintage cars, floats and participants of all ages to bring some colour to one of the highlights of the festival!

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