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Birr Creative Court


To provide accessible creative space in a Heritage Town and facilitate sustainable collaboration with local and visiting professional practitioners and the wider community in the pursuit of creative excellence.


Our mission is to create dynamic, flexible and affordable spaces for local, regional and national creative practitioners to develop and create work, and to foster public engagement with culture, the arts and heritage in Birr through public access to space, activities and programming. To stimulate cross pollination and nurture further collaboration and innovation. To make a positive, measurable contribution to Birr as a good place to live, work and visit.

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The development of Birr Courthouse as an Arts Hub will:

Insert a new layer in the artistic infrastructure of Birr complementing the services provided by Birr Theatre & Arts Centre, Tin Jug Studio, Edit Shed and the many festivals and events.

Improve the capacity of Birr to retain its graduates and encourage inward migration, particularly those involved in the creative industry. 

Offer an environment where creativity can flourish in activity that inspires, motivates and empowers people.

Position Birr as a destination location for living and working in the creative sector with an established network of other amenities and festivals and provide additional studios, meeting and group facilities, networking and peer support.

Open up career or personal pathways to those not already involved in the arts by providing easy access, education and networking opportunities.

Be a centre for creative excellence, contributing significantly to the development of social, educational and economical opportunities in the town and county and enhancing Birr's rich cultural heritage.​

Strengthen the connections between networks of fine artists, craftspeople, designers and creative practitioners.

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