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90+ events | 9 days

Ready for another epic Vintage Week?


This year, we have pulled out all the stops for our 55th birthday!

Our traditional events are back including the Vintage Sunday Parade, Fireworks Night & Gig Rig and a jam-packed Visual Arts programme including 20+ exhibitions.

After its long hiatus, the Vintage Market makes its big return to Green Street and we'll also be opening up the Old Cinema on Brendan Street for a stunning exhibition for the Festival.


The Wind Garden and DANU at Birr Castle are not to be missed as well as Out of the Ordinary, the VR Opera by Irish National Opera at Birr Theatre & Arts Centre and their own incredible line up of music, visual arts and theatre. 

With 90+ events across 40+ locations across 9 days featuring visual arts, theatre, music, street theatre, workshops, exhibitions, together with a whole host of community events, there really is something for everyone from 4-12 August 2023, here in beautiful Birr!

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