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OFFline Film Festival presents Moonlit Movies showcasing the best of cult Irish cinema with a fusion of film, food and fun!

Beginning in August, film lovers will have the chance to watch a mini season of classic Irish films on the big screen under the open sky (weather permitting) at unique outdoor venues in Offaly.

Monday 5 August / 10pm
Courthouse Yard



After Dublin resident John (Cillian Murphy) attempts a “trial” breakup with his girlfriend (Kelly Macdonald), she starts dating a middle-aged banker. A chance encounter introduces him to small-time crook Lehiff (Colin Farrell), and together they team up to get revenge on the banker. Unluckily for them, a local hotshot police detective (Colm Meaney) has it out for Lehiff.


Add some brown sauce, a woman’s moustache, flying rocks and dancing single seniors and you have “Intermission.”

€10 incl bookings fees.

Booking is essential.

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