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The Flow of Fun

For Birr Vintage Week & Arts Festival 2024, the Masonic Hall will be transformed into a multi-sensory immersive environment exploring play and taking inspiration from the Camcor River.


Part of the transformation will include a collaborative artwork for exhibition; an immersive, multi-colored exhibit that celebrates creativity and the local waterways.

Our selected participants are:

Andrea Moore
Bronagh Tully
Shannon Bergin
Maria Mollohan
Emma Barone
Naomi McArdle
Bronagh McCarthy
Aisling Larkin
Verona Stellet
Paul Bokslag


For the exhibition, they will learn Riso Printing, a fun, eco-friendly form of screen printing with a limited palette of bright colours.


We are working with Black Church Print Studios for 2 FREE Zoom sessions, at the end of which they will produce an edition of 20 prints.

These prints will be part of our immersive play space, ‘The Flow of Fun’ based on the flora and fauna of the Camcor River and particularly aimed at a younger audience..



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