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Vintage Luminaries


Tuesday 8 August / 10pm

The Maltings projection is a reworking of the
2019 event which was interrupted by adverse weather. 


An immersive audio visual projection opening up this building and all the goings on within.

 From the 1821 census, Castle Street was home to 200 people, and the main business was Arthur Robinson’s Distillery. The work was hard, and the pay was meagre.


Today work continues, but people pay to work out! What would these former maltsters, brewers and distillers make of this?

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Monday 7 August  / 9.30pm


As part of the immersive garden performance by Erebidae Aerial Circus, Finn Nichol has created a series of intimate projections, glimpsed within the formal gardens.


Wednesday 9 August / 10pm

For the Love of It 

A trio of artists present a film about love, in five segments. Based on ancient Greek concepts but from a modern, youthful perspective. 


Swift Story 

Kindly funded by Creative Ireland Offaly

An immersive audio visual installation inspired by the swift box installed on the building to provide a nesting site for the swifts made homeless when the roof was repaired. 

This projection is also to mark the new Common Swift Survey being undertaken by BirdWatch Ireland in Offaly this summer and needs the public's help to locate nesting Swifts in these three counties.

This project is supported by the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) under the National Biodiversity Action Plan, and is a collaboration with Offaly County Council.    

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